Harmony G4 – English & Western


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Lead time 4 weeks

Products that will be added:

  • Additional Harmony G4 waterproof lining
  • Harmony CloudDoor (15-day Free Trail)

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Full Leather pressure mat with removable and washable underside layer. Mat is high withered suited for horses comfort. Made with real buffalo leather, mat is durable and robust. Mat is suitable for both English and Western Saddles

  • Recording Box Placement: Side (Left)
  • No of Sensors: 900
  • Sensor Resolution: 0.35 sensors/cm2
  • Mat Dimensions: 80cm x 72 cm
  • Effective Measuring Area: 50.1 x 55.9 cm
  • Maximum saddle length: 64cm
  • Sensing Area Thickness: 3 mm
  • Refresh Rate: Adjustable refresh rate


  • Measure Saddle Pressure or Rider Balance
  • View Pressure Snapshot
  • Multi-Point Saddle Check
  • Instant and Real-Time Mode
  • Integrate with Trackers
  • Access on any device
  • Keep Track of Pressure over time

*Harmony has a 6 hours a week fair usage policy. For additional usage please contact us. 

* Lead time 4 weeks

Kit contains:

1 x Harmony Leather Pressure Mat

1 x Waterproof underlay

2 reviews for Harmony G4 – English & Western

  1. Jason Wheeler

    Amazing product. Extremely pleased

  2. Amber Cash

    I recently presented the Harmony pad and how it assists in saddle fitting to a local Dressage Association. At the end of the saddle fitting the rider was crying because she had experienced the best ride on her horse that she had felt in the 10 years that she had owned him. The Harmony pad allowed me to see where the horse had too much pressure or no pressure. It was a wool-flocked dressage saddle. The horse was changing his posture under the saddle to be comfortable. I used a half pad with shims to make the pressure more even. The horse moved beautifully. Then I adjusted the saddle for the rider’s balance. There were 30 dressage riders in attendance, some were area judges. There were very impressed. I have been invited back to refit everyone else’s saddles.

    This product is invaluable to me, especially with foam paneled saddles because they can not be adjusted like a wool-flocked saddle. The foam panels sometimes float above the horse’s back and hang off the withers and spine. It is so meaningful to clients to see the data about how their saddles fit. I do a before and after ride to show them the impact of riding in the same saddles after they have been balanced for horse and rider. I am regularly seeing riders cry with happiness over how well the horses can move when I have completed a fitting.

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