Estride™ Tracker is an award-winning multi-functional fitness tracker that measures everything you need to improve your riding and insure your horse’s health. Ideal for hacking, training, competition and any other activity in the equestrian field.

It can measure Training Time, Stride Count, Gait Pattern, Session Regularity, Horse Stability, Calorie Burn for you as well as your horse.

You can use it to help identify subtle lameness and rehabilitate your horse post-injury by measuring stride irregularity.

Waterproof capsules can be strapped inside any boot or bandage on all four legs of the horse to get detailed stride related information.

Award Winning Horse and Rider Suite

“Estride is a fantastically innovative product that brings benefits to both horse and rider, with a more accurate understanding of movement and potentially improved performance through better understanding.”


Meet Trackers

Multicolour capsules can be placed inside any boot or bandage

Slots in the pockets, attached on each of horses leg and sends movement data to controller wirelessly
Easy Attachment
Easy Attachment
Slots into any boot with velcro attachment or bandage

Orders over £500 are now eligible for 3-month installments

The leather pockets shown below are for illustration purposes only. Precision Pro capsules can be used with any boot or bandage without the need for any leather custom pockets.

Precision Pro transfers data directly to the mobile phone without the need for a controller. Transfer to Cloud faster with Estride All-in-One app.

Estride Trackers Version 1 – How does it work?

The Science

Decode The Silent Code


Trackers use inertial and magnetic sensors attached to each of the horse’s legs to identify stride inconsistencies.

It tracks each swing phase to generate a specific feature of stride for each leg.  By taking breed classes into account, the acceleration values of the different gaits are measured.

Training & Features

The software has been trained by 100+ samples of different breeds of horses to make it more accurate. Below is n example of collected data from the sensor signals for all axes, including the calculated magnitude, from various riding sessions. The sampling frequency of 5Hz is sufficient to analyze gait in walk, trot, canter and gallop.

The workflow is divided into several smaller segments, with three sections: pre-processing, feature extraction and classification—gait classification using best in the industry technique using the extracted features.


Front legs and Hind leg features are compared independent and in diagonals to identify stride inconsistencies based on 8 point check using AI algorithms.

Machine Learning

Estride implements a machinelearning framework to identify the inconsistencies in each phase of the gait. This data helps the system to predict the issues more accurately and also identify rehabilitation. Our machine learning techniques using neural networks and decision trees not only helps identify potential problems but expect them before they might occur.

Injury & Lameness

Measure lameness where it starts and accesses equine leg movement effectively.

You can use trackers in analysing a horse’s stride pattern and any potential lameness during pre-purchase examinations. It measures

  • Frequency of stride

  • Impact of foot fall

  • Regularity of stride

  • Stride Pattern

  • Rythm of stride

  • Acceleration of stride

  • Stride swing phase and landing


It also assists with equine rehabilitation following injury or surgery, returning the horse to a functional level that meets or exceeds the previous performance level and monitoring progress within rehabilitation. You can see if the stride is improving or worsening after the injury/lameness with various technical modules within the software, which are easy to understand and do not require any technical expertise.

Recovery & Fitness

Fitness is directly proportional to performance. To achieve outstanding performance, your horse athlete needs extraordinary fitness. Estride trackers also help you with

  • Gait & Transitions – Analyze walk, trot & canter patterns to measure time spent in each gait. See calories burnt in each gait and compare historical data.

  • Training Time – Track your daily active training time and compare with previous sessions.

  • Stride Count & Pattern – Monitor stride count and analyze patterns in each gait. Identify any inconsistencies in the pattern and compare them to previous data.

  • Horse Calorie Burn – Measure horse calorie burn during your training session, calories burnt in each gait and compare previous data.

  • Rider Calorie Burn – Measure your calorie burn during your riding sessions. Helpful for tracking your fitness!

Trackers can be bought in various combinations and can be upgraded at any time. Buy trackers for 1 leg, 2 legs or 4 legs.

MyEstride Portal


Your data is stored on your MyEstride (personal cloud portal), accessible from mobile, laptop or computer on demand.

Technical Specifications

  • Lightweight (Node: 45g)
  • Waterproof
  • High precision 9-DOF sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Lithium-polymer battery
  • Bluetooth operating temperature: -4℃ to 65℃
  • Other components operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃
  • Battery Life: 24 hours usage

  • A smartphone would require Bluetooth 4.0 module (BLE Compatible) and an active internet connection to sync data to your cloud.
  • To check if your mobile phone supports BLE (Bluetooth low energy – used to send data from controller to mobile), use apps available on the mobile store.
  • *Battery life and charge cycles vary with use, settings, and other factors; actual results will vary.
  • **Wireless range can differ depending on environmental factors such as interference.