Harmony Rental (English Saddle)

£90.00 / month and a £300.00 sign-up fee

£90 per month

£300 refundable deposit, returned in full when the mat is returned with no damage and clean condition.


Products that will be added:

  • Harmony CloudDoor (15-day Free Trail)

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  • Measure Saddle Pressure or Rider Balance
  • View Pressure Snapshot
  • Multi-Point Saddle Check
  • 920 Pressure Points
  • Instant and Real-Time Mode
  • Access on any device
  • Keep Track of Pressure over time

* Only supports MicroSD card with less than 16 GB capacity

* Harmony has a 6 hours a week fair usage policy. For additional usage please contact us. 


Kit contains:

1 x Harmony Neoprene Pressure Mat

1 x Harmony Numnah

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