Estride Steady an award winning rider wearable hand-aid designed for riders to measure their hand steadiness for each hand while riding.

With it's advanced real-time measuring capabilities, it triggers vibrations if incorrect movement is detected.

To become a good rider, it is necessary to learn to use your reins correctly. It take hours with devoted teacher to practice it. We simplify that.

Improve your riding technique with sophisticated algorithms in-built AI. Take the guesswork out and let Steady measure it.

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Unique Technology

Powerful software

Features and Details


Mix some excitement with the training. Achieve badges and progress to next level.

Vibration alert

Incorrect movement triggers vibration giving you real-time feedback. Keep track of number of alerts.

Adjustable sensitivity

Choose between low, medium or high sensitivity mode.


Left vs Right Hand

Check steadiness of both hands and compare left vs right over daily, weekly or monthly.

Share Achievements

Maintain achievement log and share with friends.


Track consistency of hand steadiness and achieve your goals quicker.

Smartphone Mobile Phone Riding Belt Bag

Steady includes a trendy riding belt bag to store your mobile and other valuables whilst riding.


Truly been designed with the modern equestrian in mind. Designed to be worn as either a belt or bodybag.


Reflective bands enhancing safety while riding in dark. 100% waterproof keeping your valuables safe.


It holds more than just your phone as there is plenty of room inside for all you essentials.


No need to take your mobile outside the cover to operate. Operates your touchscreen through the super sensitive viewing window.

Improve your riding position

Share your achievements

Master the art

What does Steady measure?


Steady has been programmed to make you understand neutral riding position of your hands, so that you are able to follow the horse's movement in a best possible way and to support you find independent seat.

Position of your hands influences the whole of your body and vice versa.

What is neutral hand position?

Your hands should be an extension from the lower arms, which should be relaxed but steadily carried, enabling you to feel the horse’s mouth and communicate through the rein aids. This is only possible when your fingers are closed. Your thumbs should be slightly bent and lightly pressed down on top of the reins, where they pass over the index fingers, to prevent slipping. Your hands should be held with the knuckles vertical and at such a height that your forearm, hand and the horse’s mouth are approximately in a straight line when viewed from the side.


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  • 2 wrist bands
  • Free mobile belt pocket
  • Vibration Alert
  • Android or iOS app
  • Cloud Based Platform
  • Keep Track of Consistency over time
  • Compare with friends
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Technical Stuff

  • Mobile Interface: Bluetooth (BLE 4.0)
  • Feature: iBeacon & Eddystone
  • Range: Bluetooth range. 15 meters in open air.
  • Weight: 14g
  • Battery Type: Rechargable
  • Certifications: FCC/CE/MFI/ROHS
  • Size: 23 x 2 x 0.8cm
  • Waterproof
  • Accuracy: ±10%
  • Bluetooth operating temperature: -4℃ to 65℃
  • Other components operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃
  • Mobile belt pocket - Supports 4.7 - 5.5 inche mobiles)
  • Mobile belt pocket - Fits waist 26 - 55 inches

  • Smartphone would require Bluetooth 4.0 module and an active internet connection to sync data to your cloud
  • To check if your mobile phone supports BLE (Bluetooth low energy - used to send data from controller to mobile), use apps available on the mobile store.